The goal of treatment is to reduce the size of the formation or remove it.

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The tactics of dealing with such a tumor depends on the degree of its spread. The patient may be advised to buy valacyclovir online the neoplasm, chemotherapy, or a combination of methods.

This part of the plan plays an important role in the fight against the tumor - it allows you to achieve a significant improvement in the overall well-being of the patient and improves the quality of his life in general. That is why it is always a mandatory part of the treatment of glucagonoma and is considered an integral step in the preoperative preparation of the patient. Complete removal of this neoplasm is possible in about 30% of cases. A favorable prognosis for the outcome of such operations is largely determined by the quality of preoperative preparation and the course of the postoperative period. That is why, in order to prevent complications, patients before and after removal of a glucagonoma are recommended to buy valtrex online a special high-calorie diet for 2-6 weeks, treat rashes, take anticoagulants to prevent thrombosis, and perform transfusions of drugs based on amino acids and blood.

To reduce skin rashes, the following agents are prescribed. Patients to eliminate the manifestations of diabetes are recommended a special diet. If this conservative measure is ineffective, then insulin therapy may be included in the symptomatic treatment plan. Even with the detection of single metastases, the primary tumor focus can be removed surgically. This measure is absolutely justified, since against the background of a slow growth of the formation, excision of primary and secondary tumors can reduce the release of glucagon into the blood. After such operations, the patient's condition improves for a long period.

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Sometimes before and/or after surgery, patients with glucoganoma are given a course of radiotherapy. This treatment method reduces the size of the formation and makes its removal more accessible to the surgeon, and after surgery, this therapy is used to minimize the risk of recurrence. The most productive mode of radiation for glucagonomas is intensity modulated radiotherapy (or IMRT). This technique makes it possible to carry out the most precise focusing of the beam.

Treatment of glucagonoma can be symptomatic and specialized. The goal of specialized treatment for glucagonoma is to remove or reduce the size of the tumor. Depending on the prevalence of the process, surgery, chemotherapy or combination therapy may be used. The main goals of the symptomatic treatment of glucagonoma are weight normalization, elimination of anemia, reduction in the severity of skin manifestations, prevention of thrombosis and thromboembolism. Symptomatic therapy can achieve significant improvements in the general condition and quality of life of patients, therefore, such therapy is considered as an indispensable part of the treatment of glucagonoma. Radical removal of the tumor (distal resection of the pancreas, pancreatoduodenal resection) is possible only in 30% of valtrex.